Backyard #3: Green

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Green: This one is for the witchy, the newbies, the jealous, and the ill (or the merely ill-advised). This is a broad kind of theme, but it is springtime, and that means it is time for fresh adventures—no time to think this through. This work is right off the vine. Come out for poems about dark dirt and new seeds, outrageous love songs, and stories of being too young to know how much trouble you're in.

Readings by: 
Tantra Bensko 
Cassandra Dallett 
Henry Hoke 
Amos White

Gate opens at 4:30, readings commence at 5:00, eating and drinking of color-coordinated vitals to follow. Green attire encouraged. Bring out your St. Patrick's Day cast offs! Free, though donations of cash or beer will be accepted.

Reader Bios

Tantra Bensko, a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, teaches fiction writing with UCLA X Writing Program, Writers College, and her own academy. Her latest book is a Slipstream novella from ELJ, Equinox Mirror, and her next book is a Science Fiction novel, Unside, from Driven Press. Her stories appear in magazines and anthologies such as Unlikely Stories, Camroc Press Review, Women Writing the Weird I and II, Surreal South, Triangulation: Parch, NonBinary Review and Birkensnake. She has won honors including the Academy of American Poets Award and the Iowa Journal of Literary Fiction Award, and runs the Everything Experimental Fiction resource site.

Cassandra Dallett occupies Oakland, CA. Cassandra writes of a counter culture childhood in Vermont and her ongoing adolescence in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been published widely online and in print magazines. Her work has appeared in Slip Stream, Sparkle and Blink, Out Of Our, Up The River, Hip Mama, and The Criminal Class Review, among many others. A full-length book of poetry 'Wet Reckless' is now available from Manic D Press.

Henry Hoke was a child in the south and an adult in New York and California. His work appears in Electric Literature, PANK, Gigantic, Birkensnake, Entropy, and is forthcoming in The Synchronia Project. His plays have been produced on the west coast and at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival and published by Snail Press. He co-created and directs ENTER>text, a living literary journal in Los Angeles. 3 years, a book about ENTER>text, is out now.

Amos White is an award winning American haiku poet and author, recognized for his vivid imagery and breathless interpretations. He was a Finalist in the NPR National Cherry Blossom haiku Contest 2013; and received First Place in "The Witt Literary Journal" Haiku Writing Contest. He is the author of the book, "The Sound of the Web: Haiku and Poetry on Facebook and Twitter" (CreateSpace, 2013).